SoBiCo GmbH (Solutions in BioCompounds) was founded in 2020 and is part of Polymer-Group, Bad Sobernheim, Germany. The main focus of SoBiCo’s business activities is on bioplastics: particularly on bioplastics based on newly developed flexible PLA-Copolymers, which are marketed using the brand name Plactid®. This new type of bioplastic developed by SoBiCo is made of lactic acid which, in turn, is extracted from agricultural products such as sugar cane and corn crops.

In addition to this material, SoBiCo has developed an innovative production process based on reactive compounding. The first production line was commissioned in Pferdsfeld (Bad Sobernheim) in 2022. The construction of this production plant was partly funded by the environmental innovation program run by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment.

SoBiCo, a subsidiary of Polymer-Group, benefits from the long-term experience of its parent company in plastics compounding and combines this skill with the latest findings in the biomaterials field. The Plactid® PLA-Copolymer manufactured by SoBiCo is a completely new class of material with unique properties in the world of bioplastics.