SoBiCo - Solutions in BioCompounds

We think in generations

Mission in plastics

Solutions in BioCompounds - this sums up what we demand of ourselves and our products: customised solutions with next-generation plastics that combine maximum versatility with maximum sustainability. To achieve this, we use what nature offers us in terms of possibilities and give something back to it directly. In concrete terms, this means innovative bioplastics made from renewable raw materials that can be used in a wide variety of applications thanks to their flexible material properties. In this way, both benefit: our customers from greater competitiveness and the environment from lower CO2 emissions. 

Excellence in plastics

Emerging from the Polymer Group in 2019 as an independent company, we benefit significantly from the now 50 years of experience of our parent company and the passion of our young team. Both commit us to one goal above all: sustainable solutions that we take from the local region to the world. We have laid the foundations for this with comprehensive expertise in the PLA world, research and development, sustainable processes, and the highest demands on the quality of our products and our own reliability. And we will continue to do so.

SoBiCo. Solutions in BioCompounds.