Technology & applications

Close collaboration with our customers and continuous support from our in-house development department enables us to find flexible, specific solutions with our customers and use them in practice.


SoBiCo’s Plactid® types cover a very wide range of properties. The combination of different components in our copolymers enables us, for example, to produce elongation-at-break properties of less than 10% to well over 300% or flow properties of less than 1 g/10 min to over 20 g/10 min for our customers. This enables them to use our PLA copolymers in many advanced plastics processing and end-use applications.

Product types from the BioBatch range are high-quality bioplastics whose biodegradability and compostability have been tested and certified for the most part by DIN CERTCO according to DIN EN 13432 and ASTM D6400. This product group includes blends of PLA, PBAT and TPS, which are very often used in film production.