Plactid® - PLA-Copolymers

Polylactide (PLA) became established in the last decade as the most widely used bioplastic in the packaging industry. However, its low elongation-at-break and impact strength properties mean that there are major restrictions on the use of PLA. SoBiCo has overcome these restrictions through the development of the PLA copolymers in the Plactid® range, a whole new type of bioplastic.

The Plactid® bioplastics developed and manufactured by SoBiCo GmbH are made from natural lactic acid. Corn crops, sugar cane, as well as other crops that are high in starch can be used as the raw materials for these bioplastics. As a result of the raw material combination in the copolymer, this new class of material opens up a whole new world for bioplastics thanks to its unique properties.

Plactid® has a high level of bio-based content amounting to over 80% coupled with a wide range of properties, for example, elongation-at break properties from 10% to well over 300% and flow properties (MFI) of less than 1 to over 20. The wide range of uses includes packaging for foodstuffs, injection molding applications, fibers and 3D-printing filaments.

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